VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Putting data protection into practice: The DARIAH ELDAH Consent Form Wizard

ELDAH is hosting a virtual workshop to test the beta version of the Consent Form Wizard (CFW).

ELDAH virtual workshop

April 8, 2020, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

on Zoom – open to all!

The face to face workshop “Putting data protection into practice: The DARIAH ELDAH Consent Form Wizard” was intended as a hands-on testing session for the Consent Form Wizard (CFW), as ELDAH needs user feedback on the content and usability of this tool, which is currently being developed. This feedback is needed despite the cancellation. Therefore, we would like to invite all interested parties to join a virtual hands-on workshop to test the CFW, a virtual short version of the workshop we had originally planned for Rijeka.


  • introduction to the workshop, overview
  • short introduction to the GDPR by Pawel Kamocki
  • group discussion: Identification of most common data privacy issues in humanities research
  • introduction of the CFW prototype: Scenarios, consent form templates, wizard functionality
  • CFW prototype testing by participants
  • feedback round

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